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Keyword Friend is the best when it comes to keyword research and SEO. We provide high-quality keywords that are perfect for our clients’ businesses.

Our long-tail keywords based on the Keyword’s Gold Ratio are the best in the industry, and we are always here to help our clients achieve their desired results.

In-Depth Research

We are going to do a very deep research on the main keyword that you provide us.

Keyword Analysis

Our keyword analysis is overall the best.

The On-Page

The keywords are always ready for being SEO optimized within your content.

Write & Thrive

Write your content around the keyword, thrive in the search results.

The Best SEO Keywords For Authors And Bloggers

Looking to really boost your website’s ranking in search engines? Our SEO Keyword Research service can help you target the right keywords that will get you to the top fast!

We focus on long-tailed keywords that follow the KGR (Keyword’s golden ratio) as a ranking factor. This means that our keywords are easy to rank for, and will give you a big push up the search engine results pages.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to supercharge your website’s traffic and visibility. Order our SEO Keyword Research service today!

Long-Tail Keywords
Easy To Rank With

One of the most important aspects of SEO is choosing the right keywords to target. While it is tempting to go after popular, high-traffic keywords, this can often be a mistake.

Long-tail keywords are more specific and targeted than general keywords and are easier to rank for; they are also more valuable as they are more likely to lead to conversions.

Keywords For Affiliates

Have an affiliate website? No problem! We got you covered as well.

SEO Keywords

Are the keywords that we find SEO ready? Yes, they are!

Advertising Keywords

Low PPC Keywords ready to bring you conversions, customers, and more.

Blog Posts

Your website finds itself in a very competitive niche? No problem.

Rank Higher Than Ever

Our best seo keywords for authors, bloggers, webmasters, and agencies do wonders – Especially when used to rank!

Well, a keyword is just a term that you use when searching on Google(or any other search engine). Our keywords are targeted following your main idea(keyword), so you can rank easily.

A long-tail keyword is just a longer search term used on the search engines. The ones we target are 99% of the time long-tailed.

Take your website to next Level now.

Build Your Own Stack Of Easy-To-Rank Keywords

Are you looking for the best SEO keywords for authors? Look no further than our exclusive list of keywords!

Our techniques are guaranteed to take your website to the next level, giving you the edge over your competition.

With our keywords, you’ll be able to rank higher in search engines and get more traffic to your site. And more traffic means more sales!

Work With A Dedicated Team - SEO Simplified

Deploy The Ranking Rocket

If you’re running a website, you want to make sure it’s optimized for search engine ranking. And a big part of that is doing keyword research to find the best SEO keywords for authors, bloggers, and agencies.

The right keywords can significantly impact your website’s traffic and conversion rates. They can also be the difference between ranking on the first page of Google or the second page.

In other words, they’re pretty important. That’s why we put so much emphasis on keyword research here at KwFi.

Great Team

We know how to find the right keywords to deliver our clients’ results. So if you want to take your website to the next level, contact us and let us do our magic.

We also know that SEO is critical for any business, and we are passionate about helping our clients succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We base our analysis on the Keyword’s golden ratio. We are working with long-tailed keywords that have been proven to work.

We guarantee that our keywords are easy-to-rank. You will still have to write quality content and overall good On-Page SEO. 

The price starts from 3$ per Keyword. Isn’t that a steal?

Usually, our keywords don’t take more than 40 days to start showing positive signs. That’s why we offer a 40 days guarantee, if something goes south – you get a replacement. 

We are offering keyword research for most of the niches out there with some exceptions. For more details, contact us!

If our keywords fail to show any results after 40 days, we will do a replacement or refund. 

P.S: it actually never happens.

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